The Garber Company produces several models of the Seed Easy Seeders to fit your purpose and current equipment. PTO seeders are designed to fit on an adjustable bracket or three point hitch. Electric seeders can be used on a variety of vehicles with either an adjustable bracket or three point hitch and there is a model specially designed for mounting on ATV's. Herbicide broadcasters are designed for very fine seed or herbicide and mount the same as the PTO and electric seeders.

Key Features

-Available in 1 bushel and 3 bushel capacities.
-Cast aluminum spinner on all PTO models
-Specially designed steel spinner connected to 12v motor on electric models
-Tight fitting lid which folds 270 degrees to allow easy filling from any side on all models
-Adjustable mounting bracket or 3 point hitch on all models at no extra cost

Extra Cost Options

-Electronic speed control for all electric models. Adjusts swath width from 10 to 20 feet.
-Category "0" 3 point hitch for mounting electric models to lawn and garden tractors.
-Auxiliary hopper increases the capacity of any 3 bushel model to 5 bushels.

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