Our mission

Our mission is to build and sell the most durable user-friendly lawn, turf, and grass seeder products while maintaining a reputation of integrity, service, and quality in the industry.

Makers of lawn seeders, spreaders, and lawn mower lifts

For over fifty years the Garber family name has been associated with finely crafted, precisely calibrated spreaders and seeders. The degree of control offered in our use of 12 and 16 gauge metal has allowed our product to avoid the problems associated with plastic fiberglass hoppers. No warping or bowing at the bottom of our spreaders. Just a smooth, even amount of fertilizer dispersed across the spreader width. The powder-coat painting process ensures that your Garber seeder or spreader will maintain a finish that is tough and long-lasting. And, if that isn't enough, you'll soon be seeing the results of our new product development. Remember, our name is your guarantee. After all, it doesn't say Inspector 43, it says Garber.