The G&H Lawn Mower Lift

Once again Garber provides you with a practical, well-crafted solution to an age old problem- equipment maintenance. Our motorized repair lift is designed to help you with service on a variety of equipment: from small snow blowers, chain saws and leaf blowers to walk-behind mowers. Maintaining your equipment can became a "no sweat" proposition with the Lift. Service shop owners as well as Home owners can say good-bye to back strain and excessive lifting. No more putting off repairs and maintenance because it's too time-consuming and too much trouble. It's just a matter of turning on the switch and letting the Lift's 1/3 HP, belt-drive electric motor begin the process.


Depending on the model you select, the Lift can be automatically raised to 32" or 40" (or adjust the equipment to any intermediate height by manually turning off the drum switch). Garber models 370 and 350 offer a friction plate, tilting work deck with polypropylene "secure" straps and "instant-clamp" buckles. It's a Garber design that provides stability and easy access to those hard-to-reach underside parts. Need a solid, non-tilting work deck, then ask for the Garber 360.

All Lift models are American-made, user friendly and built to last well into the 21st Century. Lift models may be purchased direct from Garber at our Ohio manufacturing facility. Our "In-stock" supply makes immediate delivery possible (we accept Visa or MasterCard). So put the Garber team to work for you today and the Lift to work for you tomorrow.

Call 800-613-4860 to order directly from The Garber Company. Visa and Mastercard accepted.