drop spreaders

Use it a hundred different ways at home, business or on the farm!

In Spring and Summer, you won't find a more efficient tool for seeding and fertilizing your lawn. In Winter the Garber Spreader makes short work of salting the driveway or parking lot. It pays for itself a hundred times over each season you use it at home or on the farm, estate, city park or public sidewalk.

Key Features

Made to last! The Garber Spreader is machined from sturdy 12 and 16 gauge steel, so it will stand up to the most rigorous use. Unlike so many discount spreaders that are so often made of plastic or fiberglass, you don't have to endure the troubles associated with bowing, warping, chipping, cracking and splitting.

Made environmentally safe! We take pride in the fact that the exclusive Garber Spreader is manufactured utilizing an environmentally safe process. The powder coat painting process also ensures a tough, scratch resistant finish that will last and last.

The Garber Spreader gives you the power to ...

-Apply granular products like grass seed, fertilizer and herbicides accurately and uniformly. Eliminates fertilizer streaking
-Hook-up in a hurry. Our spreader comes with a heavy duty tongue and clevis hitch
-Rely on consistent performance from season to season. Simple, rugged, heavy-duty all-welded steel hopper makes it durable
-Count on easy clean-up. All you need are two 1/2" wrenches and a few short minutes
-Depend on steady performance. The extra strong 3/4 diameter axle/agitator is designed to last and last
-Enjoy smooth performance. The rugged cast iron axle bearings with grease fittings practically guarantee it
-Have easy access. The standard lid is designed for quick removal if necessary
-Have quiet idle time. Sturdy, sintered iron bearing with grease fitting makes for a smooth idle
-Easily spread salt for ice and snow removal
-Experience smooth towing. The flotation tires with heavy duty steel rims help ensure it!


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